The Club PT

PT is the most popular private Swingers Club in Costa Rica.

Our goal is to be a place where couples and selected singles can meet and fully play in a cozy, fun, secure and latin style.

Every week we hold a different Theme Party wich helps us to break the ice and enjoy a unique and special night.

We hold parties every week from Wednesday to Saturday with this schedule:
Wednesdays and Thursdays: Couples, single women and a selected amount of single males. Fridays and Saturdays: Couples only and single women.

It is important for you to know that we are a private club, wich means that you should first make an appointment to visit us for the first time and attend a short but necessary interview where we explain you the club rules and answer any question you might have.

This interview does not represents an age, beauty or popularity contest, we simply have the obligation with our actual members to be sure as possible that the newbies are people who understand our club rules and that will behave accordingly.

It is also necessary that you sign up a privacy statement and bring a valid identification document once the interview is done.

We do not have a specific dress code, but remember that you are visiting a private night club where physical attraction plays a main role to have success meeting others. People wearing inappropriate outfits such as shorts in gentlemen will not be accepted to be in the club.

If you want to visit us for the first time, send us a mail to with your name and your couples name, and we will answer you back with a contact phone where you can reach us to make the first visit appointment.


Pareja Total Staff


ParejaTotal es un club social de contactos entre parejas.